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The Millennium Imaging Medical Centers (MIMC) offers the local medical community the most advanced radiology consultation and imaging services including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), and ultrasound sonography. 

Our Rancho Cucamonga facility has installed the region’s first Open Bore, 1.5 Tesla, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system that combines a larger bore, or opening, for obese and claustrophobic patients with the ability to capture high-field quality diagnostic images.   Since two-thirds of American adults are overweight, the health-care industry is challenged to accommodate these larger patients with imaging systems that were designed for people who weigh much less. Currently, patients too large to fit inside the bore of a high-field MRI magnet have image studies done in open MRI systems with low-field magnets. This limits the diagnostic usefulness of the images obtained. The field strength of a magnet is measured in units of Tesla – the higher the number, the higher the field strength. The higher the field strength, the better the quality of images produced.

Our Open Bore MRI installed in Rancho Cucamonga features a bore opening of nearly 2.3 feet in diameter and almost one foot of free space between a patient’s head and the magnet. The Espree also features the shortest 1.5 Tesla magnet available. Approximately four feet long, the magnet allows more than 60 percent of exams to be completed with the patient’s head outside the bore, helping to ease claustrophobia.

Millenniium Imaging Medical Staff
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Our services are affordable, prompt, competent, user friendly, responsive, and utilize the latest in imaging technology.  In keeping with our mission, we offer the most advanced imaging technology at the most competitive rates.

MRI and CT scans are an integral part of medicine. They help diagnose, define the extent of disease processes, and enable non-invasive follow-up of many diseases processed.  The utilization of such advanced imaging techniques will continue to increase.

Additional service benefits include offering same day appointments for all emergency cases and scheduling no later than 24 hours later than the day of initial referral.

MIMC also performs various Arthrogram procedures with the use of our CT scanner.  This will allow the patient to have the full procedure completed all at one time in the same center.  A board certified radiologist will perform all arthogram procedures will perform all these procedures with the aid of the technologist. 

A large component of our services entails interpersonal interactions.  MIMC is committed in training its employees to practice the highest standards of courtesy, integrity, competence, responsiveness, and professionalism.  The goal is to create an environment in which employees will take pride serving as the Millennium Imaging team through a positive, cordial, and professional atmosphere.